We are delighted to offer our gift registry services at CochonnetBoutique.com through Wishpot.com, a third-party registry system. This is a perfect solution for helping gift-givers when it comes time for your baby shower, child's birthdays, Christmas and any other celebration in between! No more headaches for you (as you get exactly what you want in the desired colour and/or size) and no more headaches for gift-givers (as they no longer need to go out and search for something they "hope" you like/need/want for your child in the right size and colour combination).

And remember you can always add a gift card to your registry, as it gives you the freedom to choose whatever to your heart's content and of course these never expire (although you wouldn't hold onto it forever because we are sure you will always find something fabulous here for your little one!).

How to use the gift registry:

1. Go to the product page of an item you'd like to add on to your registry.

2. Click on the "Add to registry" button.

3. A Wishpot login box will open, prompting you to log in to your account or if you do not already have an account with Wishpot.com, you can create a new one.

4. You will then need to enter any information you wish including:
- the size and colour option you desire in the notes section,
- a title for the product,
- the registry or wish list to save the item to, and
- set a priority for your item, etc.

5. When completed, click the "Add" button, to add the item to your registry.

6. Click on "Keep browsing on cochonnetboutique.com" to continue adding more items to your registry or "Share my list" to email your registry to the recipients you'd like.

Within Wishpot.com, you will have the option to share your registry item(s) with others, along with sorting your lists, and rating/deleting/editing/purchasing the item(s). To learn more about Wishpot.com, please visit their site here.